Day: February 26, 2015

Just Out Of Reach of Clearing the Snow

On September 13th, 2013 Save the Mothers another of Christina’s powerful reflections from her time in Uganda.
This reflection takes the reader into a place where we can begin to imagine the feeling of being constantly out of reach of the things we know will make our lives better. Christina explores how extensive this feeling is throughout all of Uganda. And, although it is overwhelming and can lead to a sense of deep hopelessness, Christina’s genuine voice of hope weaves through the article, placing her faith in the educated and motivated who will one day “grab their shovels to bring about change; they’ll unleash average Ugandans from their posts, and joining together in clearing the snow, they’ll finally reach the lush green grass,”
To read this reflection in it’s entirety, please visit: Save the Mothers – Just Out of Reach of Clearing the Snow
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