2018: A FullSoul Year in Review

2018 was a big year for FullSoul.

1. We expanded our Maternal Medical Kit program to 7 more hospitals! This meant we were able to impact the health of 15,000 newborn babies in 2018 alone. Check out our instagram @fullsoulcanada to see some photos from our hospital visits.

2. We participated in community projects including a visit to Salama School for Blind in Mukono District. Our interns planted fruit trees, renovated dormitories, and talked to the children about about schooling and career goals.

3. Our intern Lauren, started a segment called Midwife Minutes with local midwives at Mukono Health Centre IV and Kawolo Hospital. These sessions helped to build relationships and create a dialog around how to improve the safety of current delivery processes and the Maternal Medical Kit program.

Check out Lauren’s blog on the Midwife Minutes here.

4. We participated in Rotary Family Health Days.

3. We got some awards and a great media attention!

Our founders Christina & Hyder Hassan both were recognized by The Avenue’s Top 40 under 40 for FullSoul. Hyder was featured in the Calgary Herald’s Compelling Calgarian Series, and last but not least Christina was honoured with the People of Action Young Innovator Award from Rotary International. Check out FullSoul Canada Facebook page for photos and live videos from the day!

We are honored to have been featured in CTV News, Calgary Sun, Chatham-Kent Daily News and Huffpost for our work.

We are so excited for the year ahead. We hope to expand the MMK program to even more hospitals. A new group of FullSoul interns will be landing in Uganda soon. Stay tuned for an introduction to them!