Meet a FullSouler: Meron Samuel

Hi! My name is Meron and I am in my last year of Public Health co-op at the University of Waterloo. I will be working with FullSoul as the new Project Manager intern in Uganda. My responsibilities include coordinating the Global Grant project to receive funding for implementation and to help conduct a needs assessment for the Maternal Medical Kit program. I enjoy learning new things and believe that every experience is valuable. My friends would describe me as someone who is always optimistic, which I believe is a quality that has helped me get through undergrad! You can catch me with a smile on my face almost all the time.

Can you tell us what you are looking forward to the most?

I am always curious about other cultures and languages and love to learn more about them. I look forward to connecting with new people and being immersed in Ugandan culture for the next couple of months. My background includes African heritage and since this will be my first time travelling to Africa, the experience is very meaningful to me. I am also excited to develop new skills and knowledge regarding maternal health as an intern. My interest for sexual and reproductive health was cultivated from classes I took in university. I believe that working on the ground at hospitals in Uganda will provide me with invaluable insight that goes beyond what I would learn from textbooks at school.

How are feeling as you prepare for your trip?

It feels unreal. I am eager to start my journey with FullSoul and learning more about the conditions of maternal health in Uganda. I do feel a bit uneasy about the long flight ahead but at least I will be able to catch up on my sleep on the plane!

Did you get any interesting advice from previous interns or others to prep you for the trip?

I got the chance to connect with previous FullSoul interns, which was a great opportunity as I got a better idea of what to expect when I arrive in Uganda. Information that they have shared that I took to heart was to appreciate my time in a new country and take everything in. It made me realize the importance of being in the moment and learning to become an observer in order to properly adapt in a new environment.

What are the top 3 things you are for sure packing?

  1. Books – To help me get through the long flight to Uganda
  2. My Journal – I enjoy reflecting and I find that it reduces stress
  3. My favourite snacks – I have a sweet tooth and obsessed with chocolate!

How can we follow you on your journey?

You can find me on the FullSoul Instagram page @fullsoulcanada or my personal account @mernx. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you!