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Hello and Welcome!

Hello There,

Welcome to our SoulFull blog! We’re excited to have you here, and hope to have you check back often to hear about what we are up to!

We’ve been collecting stories all throughout our start and want to share them with you. Our first blog posts will be flashbacks to experiences and moments that have helped define where we are today. Once we catch you up with where we’re at now, we’ll continue to tell you our stories as they happen. You’ll hear from the many voices that make up our family – each of us sounds a bit different, and we have different things to say but we are all working to use our voices to make a positive, sustainable difference in the life of another. 

Stories are important. It is the story of a young woman’s short life that inspired us, and hopefully our stories will inspire you.

Thank you again for being with us on our journey to Sindica for change.

Happy Reading,

The FullSoul Family
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