What is it ?

What is SINDICA ?

All around the world, babies are delivered in much the same way - a push. Statistics show that no matter where in the world you push, roughly 15% of normal pregnancies will develop some kind of life threatening complications. The majority of these complications are preventable, though sadly the methods of treatment and prevention are not available to all women.

Our #Sindica Movement began in a Ugandan Clinic where a young woman - Alice - was pushing to bring new life into the world. A then young Canadian student, Christina, was set to observe the delivery process. Like most deliveries, the atmosphere was tense as the pressure builds physically and psychologically. Adrenaline pumping , Christina watched as health workers encouraged Alice saying “sindica”, “sindica”, “SINDICA”. Sometimes they said it slowly, sometimes in unison, sometimes at the tops of their lungs. Then things began to go wrong, Alice began to lose blood and eventually the health workers around her stopped speaking, no one uttered the word sindica, as it was too late. Alice’s life began to slip away, and soon her and her babies soul had left.

Christina, overwhelmed with emotion, knew that she had two options.

  1. She could go home to Canada, pack her bags and bid farewell to a beautiful country that had completely broken her heart. Or
  2. She could move forward with the strength of Alice and Sindica forward, to push forward, and put her heart back together with a piece of Uganda within her.

She chose 'Kusindiika'. It's a Uganda word for 'Push'.

Every day, we move Sindica forward, representing Alice and the many women before her. Sindica is a movement, it is a push towards a better tomorrow.